Get A Used Car That Is Unique!


We came across this article in an American newspaper, an elderly lady returned to her car and there were four men that looked like they were planning to steal it. Thinking quickly the elderly lady decided to pull out her gun and shouted at the men as loud as she could, demanding that they got out of the car. The four men got out of the car and ran away, as the lady tried to put her keys in the ignition the keys would not work, as she looked around the car she realised it was not hers. She then looked along and saw her car, exactly the same as the one the men were sat in.

Senior moments come to all of us as we age, and this is certainly a memorable (if not slightly embarrassing) one.

There is one way of resolving an issue like this and we know, even if we are not yet elderly, that we sometimes confuse our car for another. So, a great way to resolve this confusion is to get an unusual used car in York; a used car which is not as common as the latest car everyone is queuing up to get!

You can also make your used car from York individual by jazzing it up with stickers, magnets or a unique paint pattern. You could also put an aerial topper on it so it stands out clearly in the car park or change the seat coverings.

Don’t be like this elderly lady and threaten people at gun-point to get out of their own car, get a personalised, unique or different car from a used car dealer in York!



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