The perfect used car

richard simpsonFew days ago Richard Simpson, Telegraph’s journalist and novelist, was wondering how to get the best value form a used car as he was looking for a new one.

Having settled on the brand and model, he took his research online in the hope of finding the car with decent equipment and a reasonable presence that also drives well. The final choice – Mazda3 Sport.

Now, there are few ways to purchase used car. You could show up on somebody’s driveway to exchange cash for keys, contact franchised dealership saloon or visit your local independent dealer.

Private owners often tend to exaggerate talking about the positives of their car, forgetting about its faults. On the other hand though franchised saloons will charge extra for, say, exchanging tyres which would pass the MOT test anyway.

Mr Simpson had decided to go with the latter paying £5,500. Had he decided to make the purchase at the dealer’s office instead, he could have saved up to £700. Had Mr Simpson come to one of Brian Leighton’s Garages he probably could have walked out with an even better deal.

the perfect used carHis lost could be someone else’s gain. There still are plenty of used cars in Hull, Doncaster, York or even Scunthorpe waiting to be bought and loved and enjoyed.

Whether you are looking for a Sport Mazda type of car or more family suitable vehicle, Brian Leighton the used car dealers will have something to offer. Tempting deals for everyone’s pocket will surely impress you.

It doesn’t matter where you live, as they are one of the best used car dealers in Yorkshire, and not just Yorkshire. Visit your nearest garage and let them find the used car of your dreams, it’s cheap, it’s convenient and it’s quick – don’t miss out.

And that is exactly how you get the best value from a used car.


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