How to Prepare Your Car for Its MOT

When you go to Used Car Dealers in Hull, Leeds or even Used Car Dealers in Doncaster you will usually find that they have a few months, or even a year left until the next MOT is due, but when the MOT time comes around how should you prepare for it?

It is really important to prepare your used car for its MOT, from October 2010 to September 2011 it was reported that 24.5 million MOTs were carried out in the UK and out of these MOTs, one in five cars failed their first test. The most common MOT fail was faulty lights which was the case in 164,837 of the MOT fails.

Here are some of the common fail areas for your MOT; these are things that you can change quite easily – even if you are not a pro when it comes to car maintenance.

  • Visibility – it is important that you can clearly see out of your car, if your wipers are damaged or worn down then buy some more and replace them before your MOT. While you’re at it make sure your windscreen washer is full.
  • Pop round the car and check the tyres, make sure they are fully inflated to the correct pressure and they have no bulges or chunks missing. It is said that the depth of tread on your car tyre needs to be the depth of a 20p coin.
  • Check your seatbelts, make sure there are no rips or tears and they move up and down freely.
  • Pop all your lights on and look round the car, make sure that the indicators, brake lights and stop lights are all working along with your fog lights and rear number plate lights – these are the ones that can be missed in quick light checks done at home but they will be picked up during an MOT.
  • Have a quick check of your number plates; make sure the letters and numbers are clear and readable when ensuring that they are securely fastened in place.

By completing a quick MOT check at home you will be able to increase the chances of passing your MOT test.


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