What to look for when buying used cars

When looking for a used car in Hull, it’s often tricky to find one that’s perfect for you – it has to have the looks, the functionality and be reliable. Things to avoid when purchasing your very first used car include really high mileage.

It is also important to check the car for any type of damage when you actually go to examine it. Damage you want to check for includes corrosion, dents or scratches to the paint job of cars body and intensive damage to the seats or hardware including rips, indents or stains.

what-to-check-when-buying-used-cars-52087-1Engine is a must-check for any potential car buyer as well. Make sure you look out for any rust or damage to it. Damage can indicate that the car was poorly taken care of which will result in further problems that might lay down the line.

Ensure you check the cars service history also if the car owner is willing to share this information, as you can see when the car last needed servicing. This also proves the car was properly maintained and will last the amount of time you want to keep it.

Inspect all the tires to make sure there is still grip left on all of them. Each tire should be worn evenly and they should also match. If they do not match, one tire is more likely to have more grip than the others and could be the result in some problems in the future. Also, check for bad alignment of the tires. This can be caused by worn suspension.

Lastly, ensure you test drive the car to make sure everything runs smoothly and most of all, that you enjoy driving the car. While you’re test driving the car, keep three key factors in mind. Is my car running as smooth as it could be? Are all my features inside the car working properly, including air conditioning, mirrors and perhaps even radio? Are my brakes working?

To check if the brakes are working properly, you need to decelerate hard enough to stop rapidly, but not to slide.  It is suggested to do this at around 30 mph without any surrounding traffic. With good brakes, you shouldn’t test drive a carhere any squeaks, strange noises or feel any vibrations.

Brakes that pulsate may indicate the need for the rotors to be resurfaced and new pads installed. With this brake test, the car should also not swerve, if it does, this is prone to worn steering components or a bad brake caliper.

So, now you’re ready to buy your first used car in Hull! Using these tips, it will ensure you pick a car that is in very good condition and will last at least a few years. Drive away, today.


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