Spring Maintenance For Used Cars

change the oil in the carYour car goes through a lot of rough times in the winter months and now since it is summer time it’s time to pay some attention to it.  Exhibit your love and care for the car that has helped you get to so many destinations over the time. Spring maintenance can help make your car look better, perform better and ultimately run for a prolonged period of time which means saving money in the long run.

  • Change The Oil- Oil changes are not as frequent as they used to be thanks to the better quality and the improved oils and also better engines. Temperatures in the winter are really tough on your engine oil especially on the cars driving around the cities most often.  The beginning of the spring time is the ideal time to change the oil fit for the summer heat instead of the winter cold.
  • Coolant (Antifreeze) – Coolant is just as important in the summer time as it is in the winter because it makes sure that your car engine does not over heat causing damage to the engine. Make sure that you purchase the one that is strong enough to last through the heat and prevents corrosion.
  • service the breaksService the Brakes- the winter is usually hard on the brakes as sudden braking on the icy surfaces and driving through the slushy roads can damage the brake pads. Even if the brake pads are in great shape, it is still a good idea to have them cleaned and serviced by a mechanic.

If you have winter tyres installed in your car, now is the time to get them changed and get all season tyres or normal tread tyres. Simply because the winter ones are made from a softer rubber and tend to wear out quickly in the summer heat. Check the hoses and belts of the car to make sure they are not leaking and are fit to work. Do all these amends in the spring and your used car will run smoothly all throughout the spring and the seasons to come!


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