The Most Fuel Efficient Cars Of 2013

vw jettaA significant amount of people are gaining awareness about the environment and their very own carbon footprint.

They have taken initiative to help the environment by using public transportation and using their bicycles to move around town. Seeing this trend, the manufacturers around the world immediately jumped on the bandwagon of producing fuel efficient cars in order to cater to the needs of the people who were environmentally conscious and socially responsible.

While every manufacturer attempted to make the most fuel efficient car, which ones came on top and produced the most fuel efficient cars of the year 2013? Read on below to find out!

Volkswagen Jetta – This car blew some of the toughest competition out of the water and came out as the strongest contender for the most fuel efficient car of the year 2013. The reason why this car was awarded this title was because it consumes 30mpg in the city and gives 42 mpg on the motorway. Not only is this car very fuel efficient but it also comes equipped with amazing power and great features which is one more reason why it came on top of the list.

chevrolet cruzeChevrolet Cruze – This car is the second most fuel efficient car this year and gives an impressive fuel consumption of 28 mpg in the city and 42 mpg on the motorway making it as good as the Jetta but just shy of some features which placed it in the second position.

Volkswagen Passat – Volkswagen once claimed that they will make the most fuel efficient car in the world and they have certainly lived up to that claim by not just having one but two of their cars listed in the top three most fuel efficient cars in the world. There really isn’t much of a difference between the two Volkswagens, it’s just that the Passat consumes a gallon more than the Jetta which is why this car got a third place but considering the amazing instrument panel and the features of this car, the extra gallon is well worth it.

There you have it folks, the verdict is in and these three cars came out as the winners of being the most fuel efficient cars of the year 2013. Think about these cars and also the environment the next time you are thinking about purchasing a used car in Doncaster, speak to the helpful team at Brian Leighton Garages and see which fuel efficient used cars in Doncaster that they recommend for you


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