The Most Anticipated Cars Of 2014

Road+Test+Audi+RS+4+Avant+lCar makers all over the world are always in a tough competition to create a car that will beat its rivals on a yearly basis.

Every year at this time car makers are all set to release their latest and newest model of cars with sleek new designs and improved technology. So what lies ahead in the automotive industry for the year 2014? Well, read on below to look at the newest and the most anticipated cars of the year 2014.

The first and one of the very best cars that people are waiting for this year is the 2014 Audi RS4 Avant this car is a dream machine and everyone wants to own one. This car packs a punch with a 450 hp engine and is equipped with a 7 gear transmission making it the best car in its class and for the price range.

The ever famous and the iconic Ferrari Enzo also tops the list in the most anticipated cars of the next year as Ferrari is all set to debut this new model that not only defines power and speed but also has a mean and sleek look. Unfortunately not many of us can afford it but we can still look and enjoy.

2013-aston-martin-vanquish-montereyThe Aston Martin Vanquish is also a great contender in the list of the most anticipated and possibly one of the greatest cars of the 2014. They have given it a good transformation while still keeping its original identity intact. The all new vanquish equipped with a 5.9 litre V12 engine has 565 hp and is sure to give you the drive of your life. This car clearly defines class with its sophisticated look but don’t be fooled by its good looks, it sure knows how to move too.

Keep your eyes peeled at the latest auto shows for these monster machines and get a closer look at what these cars are all about and how these cars have brought together, style, class, elegance, performance and speed all under one chassis.

Purchasing a car like these might be a very big investment but they are well worth every penny, however it may be hard to save up for a new car so if you are looking at purchasing a new car but dream of this car in the future why not purchase a used car in Scunthorpe from Brian Leighton, their cars look as good as new and you will save lots of money too!


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