Eco-Friendly Used Cars of 2013

Car drivers are now being pressurised more and more by environmentalists to choose an eco-friendly car.

Those who have been looking for a new used car from Hull or Scunthorpe will benefit from these types of car because they will not need to pay a lot on fuel, making it a great value option. Below are some used cars from Scunthorpe that will be friendly on your wallet:

  •  volkswagen jettaGreat Features of Volkswagen Jetta – The Volkswagen Jetta consumes a combined 67mpg. This beauty possess features that keep it above everyone in the fuel efficiency race; things such as an override system, 4 wheel ABS and being available at an affordable price makes it the tempting choice of 2013.
  •  Another Fuel Efficient Model Volkswagen Passat – A few years back, Volkswagen announced that they will lead the market by making the most fuel friendly car in the world; they have attempted to prove their point well with their Passat model. In comparison to Volkswagen Jetta, Passat is a little bigger in size but still possesses the great fuel economy.
  •  Ford Fusion Hybrid – This beauty possess a powerful engine which many hybrids don’t have. With that mighty engine Ford Fusion Hybrid can easily pull off over 50mpg on urban roads and on the motorway. Ford has equipped the Fusion Hybrid with 2 trim option and they believe it is a great choice for all those who are searching for eco-friendly cars.
  •  Honda Civic Hybrid – If you wish to have a look at a model that has undergone some serious revamping then this Honda Civic Hybrid is the perfect example of it. This model of Honda takes the edge with efficient fuel honda civic hybrideconomy rating that is also over 50mpg for combined driving. Soon to be launched, the Honda Civic Hybrid is one of the fuel efficient options car buyers can make most of.

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