Fast And Furious

FAST-AND-FURIOUS-6The sixth installment of the Fast and Furious box set has announced its release, which will be in May 2013.

One car brand that will be featured in this sixth of the franchise is Nissan. The directors of the films have chosen Nissan cars for a number of their movies including the Skyline and in this, soon to be released movie, they include a new GT-R.

The GT-R will be playing a large role in this upcoming movie and looks far from out of place. The car boasts both speed and an appearance that is sure to ‘woo’ the critics of this film.

If you wanted to own one of these cars though, you’ll have to splash your cash, around £75,000 to be precise. If you want to own a Nissan car without having to break the bank, then you can quite easily. The Nissan range is very broad so every demographic is catered for and every budget is taken into consideration.

The Japanese have produced a number of car manufacturers that have topped the charts for their build and quality and Nissan is no different. So it is no surprise the directors of the new Fast and Furious film has opted for the use of yet another

Owning your own Nissan has never been easier. Whether you want a new or used car you have a huge selection to choose from. There a thousands of new and used cars in Hull, just waiting for you to drive them away.

Of course, you can’t buy one and pretend to be in the film by speeding through the streets but what you can do is enjoy the impressive performance and build quality at an affordable price.


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